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The Estate

Set in a frame of colours, scents and flavours typical of the rural Marche, Agriturismo Angeli offers pleasant relaxation to all lovers of a restful country atmosphere. Our country house is situated in the delightful heart of the softly rolling hills of San Lorenzo in Campo (province of Pesaro-Urbino) and in the centre of the river Cesano valley, which is the natural borderline between the cities of Pesaro, Urbino and Ancona.

An oasis of peacefulness and tranquillity, around 20 mi (35 km) from the “velvet beach” of Senigallia and 14 mi (23 km) from Marotta. In the midst of over 40 acres (18 hectares) of farmland, you will find Agriturismo Angeli in Via Caprile 15, about 1 mi (1.5 km) from San Lorenzo in Campo. A private road, easily accessible from the main Via Caprile road, marks the entrance to our country house and leads to an undisturbed and welcoming area.

The estate

The Country House

Il casale

Built in 1800, our country house is a fascinating old building with a complete range of modern comforts. It has been refurbished with refined furniture and wooden window fixtures that overlook one of the most enchanting landscapes of the Marche.

Agriturismo Angeli is completely surrounded by a meticulously tended garden where oaks and pines provide pleasant shade for our guests during the sunniest days of summer and make the most suitable environment for reading or for some rest. Under the trees in the garden, the guests will find a picnic table with attached benches and other natural benches that have been carved out of “the big oak” which sadly fell down in the spring of 2016. These relaxing spots will offer moments of unparalleled peacefulness.

Every corner of the estate is beautified by all kinds of flowers that evoke the idea of a country villa. On the lawn in front of the house you will find comfortable beach chairs for you to relax and sunbathe. Our fruit trees ranging from different types of cherry-trees, figs, apricots to pear trees and more can please the eye and most importantly satisfy our guests’ appetite.

Only a few steps away from the country house it is possible to stop at an olive grove and a vineyard with rows of exquisite grapes such as the red “Vernaccia di Pergola”, or the white “Moscato” and “Biancame” that are offered to our guests as degustation.

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The Truffle Field

At Angeli’s farm you will find a cultivated truffle field producing excellent truffles of the “melanosporum” type, generally called “Tartufo nero pregiato” (literally “select black truffle”).

As an expert truffle grower and trader, Mr. Angeli will be pleased to give information, share his knowledge and satisfy anyone’s curiosity thanks to his passion and his competence in this matter. Moreover, for those who would like to find out more it is possible to pay a visit to the actual truffle field which is very close to the country house.

La tartufaia

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Independent apartments, each with room facilities and kitchen facilities

Pool and Hot tub

Heated outdoor pool and tub "the wonder of the great and the children"


The country house Angeli is situated in a land rich in history, culture and natural landscapes